Day 16

Day 16

The van was clean with seats on either side of the wall with a card table in the middle. There was containers of water and pill bottles sitting in a metal tin that had PARTY TIME stamped in black on the side.

“You won’t need any of that,” the woman said. “We’re not partying until sundown.”

“What’s your name,” Amara asked.

“Stephanie Bilcotti, what’s yours,” she asked but then looked back to the empty road and turned up the music so loud that none of them could really talk to one another.

The drive was terrifying. Stephanie would bang her head with the music or bounce around in her seat so violently that the van would swerve off to the side of the road only to be jerked back into one of the lanes again. There was once where the van grinded against the guardrail, the noise was unbearable, and Stephanie screamed and shouted in rage punching the windshield.

Then she would go back to laughing or crying, they weren’t sure which, as she drove along and drank water out of a black container. She slurped it loudly and they could see it run down the side of her mouth and down her neck.

A tall concrete building with no windows stood, what seemed randomly on the side of the road with other vans like theirs minus the damage that it had just incurred. Everyone got out and Stephanie skipped, ran, stumbled, and jumped to a large metal door that required a keycode to enter.

“This is definitely either some vampire shit, or some cult shit,” Liam said looking around.

“It’s probably both,” Amara said checking her guns.

“It’s probably worse,” Perdita replied following the girl into a long hallway with soft yellow lights every ten feet.

When they stopped, they were in a large room that looked like a dance floor. A bar sat on the other side with a man dancing to a song he could only hear in his head as he quickly polished all the glasses. They walked across the glass floor that looked like it could light up to the man who introduced himself as Steven Steven Steven. They all just called him Steven.

“Everyone want a shot?” he asked

They all passed except Stephanie. He turned around to three spigots coming out of the wall, turned one and a clear cold looking liquid poured filling the glass half full. She took it, gave him a high five and a very heavy kiss. And then drank it. Then they kissed again until everyone was more than a little uncomfortable.

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