Day 13

Day 13

“So that’s where I’m coming from,” Amara said sitting across from the two in the pizza joint.

“That’s a lot,” Liam said. “I’m not sure I believe most of it.”

“It’s not that you believe it,” Amara said. “It’s because you can’t comprehend it.”

“Fair enough,” Liam held up his hand. “It’s too much.”

“I get it all,” Perdita said. “All of it makes sense.”

Amara watched as Perdita stared off in space as she chewed another piece of pizza. Outside the people had stepped far away from the building across the street. Phones were out and they had been recording for the entire conversation. There were police outside shouting something in their megaphones but none of them were listening. The hostage situation was at an hour standstill.

“What is next,” Amara asked.

“I’m not the first,” Perdita said.

“Oh,” Amara looked her up and down seeing nothing but glowing ball of light that was brighter than anything she had ever seen. “You are.”

“I need to think,” Perdita said.

“Why do you need to shoot one of us,” Liam asked.

“I don’t have to,” Amara said. “Not this time. But normally I expect to shoot one of you.”

“That’s good news,” Liam said rubbing his palms on his knees.

“Then where did I come from,” Perdita asked. “I need to get back there.”

“I think I know,” Liam said.

He pulled up the tablet and did some calculations as it followed Perdita’s movement through the lines until the machine beeped. He nodded and adjusted their machines. He then looked out the window to see that a SWAT team had gathered outside and was about to storm the building. He ran behind the counter and pulled out a pizza box and filled it as full as possible and then in a split second they were gone.

The SWAT team breached the door and came in with guns drawn. The space that was left after the three of them were gone something slipped in. It was large, misshapen, and was the color of ancient space right after the massive explosion. The noise it made caused their blood vessels in their eyes to swell and burst and the men and women screamed out in confusion and pain. When the thing entered their bodies from every opening, worming its way through the soft pink flesh and into the spinal column, the other police officers came in.

It did not stop its rampage until the entire town was destroyed by a nuclear explosion ordered fourteen hours later by the president. The entire nation watched the explosion and the estimated death toll through the explosion was up in the tens of thousands. But the world wasn’t aware that in the next four days, every single living thing would wish that they were dead.

Perdita opened her eyes and they stood in her empty study. The entire room was circular with glass tinted walls. It was night, the raid was pounding against the glass, beading up and streaming down the sides. They were atop a hill that overlooked a city. Liam walked to the window and looked beyond the city to the mountains in the distance.

“Those are huge mountains,” Liam said as Amara stepped up beside him.

Perdita looked to the notes that she had left behind exactly fourteen minutes prior in this reality to the window and back to the notes. All the information, all the things that she had done came pouring back into her at once. Parts of her brain that had been allocated for jumping the two of them through time and space reactivated in a single burst. She made a noise that resembled help and oh no at the same time and then collapsed on the floor in a seizure.

Both Liam and Amara ran to her and made sure, as she convulsed, that she wouldn’t hurt herself. The rain hit harder, and the wind picked up. Lightning streaked across the sky illuminating the small buildings down below. They were crammed together, squat, and made of some indistinct metal.

“We have to just let her rest,” Liam said using a lab coat as a pillow.

“I don’t know if we have time,” Amara said looking back to the window.

Liam shook his head, stood up and walked around looking at the lab. There were different types of syringes and other things labeled. Each one of them he recognized as an illness or disease. His heart picked up as he found one that simply said CANCER. He reached out and took up the syringe and shook his head.

“Out of all the fucking things in the world,” he said holding up the container. “This is all I needed to save her.”

“We really have to go,” Amara said running back to Perdita who was lying beside a pool of her own vomit.

“What is the rush,” Liam said pocketing the syringe.

He looked past Amara to the window, and he could feel a cold chill go down his spine. The mountains that he looked upon earlier weren’t mountains, but a massive wave coming their way. Even from where they were, he could see buildings, skyscrapers, boulders, and other debris.

“Oh,” he said.

“Get up, Perdita,” Amara shouted.

“Oh fuck,” Liam mumbled.

“Perdita,” Amara shouted. “We have to go.”

Liam ran over to Perdita. The problem they were coming across is that they couldn’t carry her unconscious through time and space. They could take her body, but when they went somewhere else, they weren’t sure that it would be the same woman. Or even if she would be there. They didn’t speak it, but they believed that they’d leave her soul behind.

“We go without her,” Amara said.

“We can’t,” Liam said. “If she’s the first.”

“We’re all going to die,” Amara said. “And it won’t matter.”

“Then jump with her,” Liam said.

“Fine,” Amara said. “But this is on you.”

“I’m fine with it,” he said.

The shifted and jumped.

The wave tore through the city and the research lab easily. As the lightning struck through the wave, it illuminated a massive beast on the inside with uncountable eyes, tentacles, and teeth.

It consumed more than just debris. It consumed more than just flesh and bone. It consumed something out of the ether, and its hunger grew. It tasted the remains of what they left behind and pushed on the fabric of time and reality. For it hungered for more than what it was allocated.

More and more dark things began to pay attention to the three.

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